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Zen @ Work is the Well And Healthy Co. answer to helping brands look after their employees in the best way

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Flow + Release

Flow your way to a calm mind and relaxed body. Allow the breath to mindfully lead the body to complete bliss.

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Breathe + Quieten

Press pause, take a breath and discover how the power of the breath can both soothe + calm as well as energise + lift you

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Accept + Be Present

Release the woes of yesterday, the worries of tomorrow and tap into the joy of living in the present moment

Every business deserves a business that thrives, that is formed from a foundation of happy and healthy employees. Workplace stress is one of the highest measured forms of sick leave and investing in the mental + physical health of employees is a vital necessity for brands today.


We offer a solution that creates an environment where employees grow and thrive, where they feel balanced, nourished, happy and healthy. Where they are able to manage the stresses and woes of life at work using yoga, coaching, meditation and mindfulness.

Caroline and her team work with a number of corporate clients in and around London, providing both regular weekly sessions and ad-hoc classes for events and team bonding days.

There are proven benefits to bringing yoga, meditation and mindfulness into your work place; an opportunity for teams to bond away from their desk, a chance to reduce stress by taking time out so they feel lighter and ready to tackle the rest of their day and week.

We are grateful to the clients we work with and have shared a few of their thoughts below:


Caroline ran a fantastic tailored class for our team in London which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  We still talk about the benefits of her Yoga Workshop so I hope to bring Caroline in again soon.  A professionally run and inspiring class; I would certainly recommend to other employers looking to improve productivity and wellbeing for their employees.  Libby Butler - Skanska, London


Curious about how Zen @ Work can influence your team and create a Well And Healthy working environment? Get in touch..


"Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have" ~ Eckhart Tolle

Curious about how @ Work can influence your team and create a Well And Healthy working environment? Get in touch..