What are your health goals?

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Understanding your health goals is vital in your wellbeing journey. The key is to accept that your health is in every part of your being.

My clients often come to me saying that they want to lose weight. What they discover in their progression in my coaching programs, is that health and wellbeing is so much more.

The reason why Well And Healthy is categorised under the following, is that I know that each of these pillars of health are mandatory in your wellbeing journey.



Mental health, mindfulness, attitude and emotions. Your mental health is so important. Being happy is a hugely desirable goal and often it is forgotten about. If you want to be happy, you must first choose this. Then you create your plan on how to get there. Mindfulness is an amazing tool to help you reduce the mental evils of stress, anxiety and depression and here at Well And Healthy, we are so incredibly passionate at helping you feel amazing from the inside out.


Prioritising yourself. You can only be the best you if you invest in you. You can only help others best, by ensuring you are taken care of first. Choose times where you actively prioritise self-caring moments. Stretch, meditate, read a book, book a holistic treatment, walk outside, bake a cake. Do something you love everyday for yourself that helps you in your wellbeing. You deserve it!



By fitness I mean active. I am a fitness trainer myself. You don’t necessarily need to attend fitness classes or lift huge heavy weights at the gym to be active. However the social benefits of classes and memberships are fantastic! Activeness is a lifestyle choice. The important part to think about is what you enjoy and how you embrace it into your life so that it becomes part of your lifestyle. Another part is to understand that your body needs change to continue growing, your activity therefore needs progression, so that your body continues to adapt and embrace the challenges you choose for yourself. The third and final part is to acknowledge what your health and wellbeing goals are and include the activities that will help you get there.


Nourishing your body from the inside out is the Well And Healthy way. I am a big believer in big breakfasts that set you up for the day ahead and I focus on achieving a healthy gut. Foods that possess a medicinal quality in addition to fantastic taste are used throughout my recipes and I choose seasonal, farm-to-table and organic produce wherever possible!


Your Health Is A Journey

The key to your health and wellbeing journey is that it isn’t a quick fix. It’s a journey. A journey worth the effort as the results will reward you for a lifetime.


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