Mindful Moments – Be Present When An Emotion Surges

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Becoming a Mindfulness Practitioner has allowed me to move through a wonderful and fulfilling journey. I was once in a place where I felt I was lost and struggling. I am now able to handle my stresses and sadness with mindfulness and can now help others too.

Each month I will be sharing a post about mindfulness. Today we are touching on Mindfulness and Emotions. Emotions are wonderful responses that our mind and bodies create to help us handle life. Mindfulness allows us to handle our emotions.

There are moments in life that are beautiful and wonderful. We feel happiness, comfort, satisfaction and self-accualisation.

There are times in life that are hard and painful. We feel anger, anxiety, stress and sadness.

In trying times, we tend to turn away from our pain to drown it out. Avoidance is our go-to step. Avoidance is not a secure solution and often returns the pain to us.

In mindfulness, we are aware of our emotions and our thoughts. We do not react to them. We respond by acknowledging their presence.

Mindfulness allows us to bring care and attention to our wounds and make wise choices about how we can respond to our needs and life.


Take these three steps to help you introduce mindfulness in dealing with your emotions.

Step 1


Once you are aware of the emotion, pause and acknowledge it. Acknowledge the emotion that you feel without embarrassment or fear. Embrace the feeling with self-compassion rather than self-punishment.

Step 2


Accept the emotion and give it space. By creating this space you will discover that you, yourself are not your emotion, you are greater than that.

Step 3


When you are calm, you are able to look to the source of your emotion’s origin. Where did it come from? How and why did it develop? Allow your mindful awareness to help you gain insight. Respond by how you think is best. Acknowledge your thoughts are merely thoughts and embrace the emotion and then allow yourself to refocus on self-compassion.


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