Good Guts Series – 1.0 – Raw Milk

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Welcome to the first feature of my Good Guts series. I am passionate about a healthy gut and over the years have spent a great deal of researching and experimenting with foods and developing recipes!

My first feature is raw milk. Have you ever tried it? It’s my favourite kind of milk. I much rather the all natural dairy kind than the nut, coconut and rice varieties. I will only buy raw milk from friendly dairy farms. I have my reasons for not drinking shop-bought milk. I’ll leave that for another day.

Last year I was in Suffolk on holiday. My boyfriend and I were out one day, when I noticed a sign that said RAW MILK 1 MILE

My immediate reaction was FOLLOW THAT SIGN!! – and we did!


I had heard that raw (unpasteurised) dairy was more acceptable today than it had been a few years ago and I was very curious to discover the destination of the one and only sign we had spotted.

We found the dairy farm and fell in love and have been making special trips to Suffolk to buy milk. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Why is raw milk good for you?

The natural enzymes that are produced are still present. Heat treatment (pasteurisation) destroys the greater proportion on these natural enzymes.

Fresh raw milk contains a full range of B & C vitamins. They are killed off by pasteurisation.

The calcium in raw milk is fully soluble and digestible. Higher pasteurisation temperatures can cause the calcium to become insoluble. Once it has reached this state, the human body cannot absorb it and it becomes useless.

To make use of calcium, your body needs soluble vitamin D. Whole raw milk is choc-full of fat-soluble vitamin D but only soluble and digestible when there is plenty of raw milk-fat available for it to dissolve in.

So to get the calcium and vitamin D from your milk, you need to drink raw, full-fat milk. Skimmed milk contains hardly any vitamin D and therefore less calcium can be absorbed by the body – it also is full of sugar – and you’ll know if you’re one of my clients that sugar is like poison!

Another fat-soluble vitamin in raw milk, is vitamin A. Like vitamin D, if the fat in the milk is removed, the levels of vitamins drop to almost nothing. This can happen when milk in transportation. This can cause milk to taste “off” and also significantly reduces the amount of vitamins available in the milk.


Lots of science. Here is the shortened version:

Drinking raw milk straight from a friendly dairy farm will ensure you get the full package of vitamins, digestive enzymes and health benefits. It also supports smaller and local businesses and there is always a good karma bonus from that!





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