Mindful Moments – Be Present When An Emotion Surges

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Becoming a Mindfulness Practitioner has allowed me to move through a wonderful and fulfilling journey. I was once in a place where I felt I was lost and struggling. I am now able to handle my stresses and sadness with mindfulness and can now help others too.

Each month I will be sharing a post about mindfulness. Today we are touching on Mindfulness and Emotions. Emotions are wonderful responses that our mind and bodies create to help us handle life. Mindfulness allows us to handle our emotions.

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What are your health goals?

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Understanding your health goals is vital in your wellbeing journey. The key is to accept that your health is in every part of your being.

My clients often come to me saying that they want to lose weight. What they discover in their progression in my coaching programs, is that health and wellbeing is so much more.

The reason why Well And Healthy is categorised under the following, is that I know that each of these pillars of health are mandatory in your wellbeing journey.

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Good Guts Series – 1.0 – Raw Milk

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Caro Circle Raw milk

Welcome to the first feature of my Good Guts series. I am passionate about a healthy gut and over the years have spent a great deal of researching and experimenting with foods and developing recipes!

My first feature is raw milk. Have you ever tried it? It’s my favourite kind of milk. I much rather the all natural dairy kind than the nut, coconut and rice varieties. I will only buy raw milk from friendly dairy farms. I have my reasons for not drinking shop-bought milk. I’ll leave that for another day.

Last year I was in Suffolk on holiday. My boyfriend and I were out one day, when I noticed a sign that said RAW MILK 1 MILE

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I Have Been Growing..

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Coach Caro

Hello there!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.


I was ace-ing what I was doing. I made a big impact of the lives of my clients and saw the results that they dreamt of reaching. However, I realised that I wasn’t able to practice what I was preaching and I let myself down by doing that. I wasn’t living a Well And Healthy lifestyle, I was chasing my tail, chasing down my own deadlines, up all hours creating new content and not eating as mindfully as I wanted to. I didn’t make the time to exercise as often as I had usually done and I couldn’t remember the last time I read a book. Hello fatigue!

In essence, I wasn’t balanced.

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