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The Well And Healthy Co.

Balance and a sense of wellbeing is something we all crave. Knowing how to begin your own wellbeing journey can seem almost impossible with the lives we live today. That's why I am here, to help guide, coach and teach you.

Hello! Welcome to The Well And Healthy Co. My name is Caroline and I am a Yoga Teacher and Life Coach that specialises in stress reduction and creating a balanced and holistic lifestyle.

I teach and coach people on how to help them invest in their wellbeing, so they can find balance in their life from nourishing themselves from the inside out.

I teach yoga and mindfulness meditation to help them put this into practice. I encourage a practice of self-love and self-worth as everyone deserves to feel happy, loved and well and healthy.

Who Am I

I am a yoga teacher, life coach, meditation + mindfulness-based stress reduction enthusiast, recipe developer and an ambassador of self love and self belief.

I help people meet and beat their goals.

I teach weekly classes and produce wellbeing workshops and events. I created my product line carob. in 2016 and produce herbals infusions, Kombucha and cacao + aćai balls. I create wellbeing workshops and monthly events for both corporate and consumer clients and work with mind focussed charities to help develop their programs to help people manage their wellbeing holistically.

My mission is to show the world that wellbeing has a place in every part of people's lives and that balance within oneself is achievable, manageable and beautiful!

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Meet Caroline


As a child I was diagnosed with SVT, a heart condition that gave me chest pain, palpitations and blackouts. My stress levels soared and I became quite unhappy at times. Years later I made the choice that I wanted a change to help my heart and my happiness.

It was my heart that began my wellbeing journey. I became mindful of what I ate and drank – My grandad was a chef and our family had an allotment, so I was brought up on fresh, seasonal ingredients. I learnt how to destress myself by investing in me, learning about myself, my triggers and created my solutions.


Caroline Brown



I practice self progression, mindfulness and yoga daily, I fuel myself with foods that nourish my mind and body, I choose to be active because being active is a gift that should be celebrated, I make myself a priority each day and because of that I can be the best for those that I surround myself with.

I am now the happiest Caro I have ever been. I worked through my struggles and found my balance and discovered that I am now both well and healthy.

I am honoured that I am able to show others how to be too.

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