The Well And Healthy Co.

Discover your own balance.

Balance and a sense of wellbeing is something we crave. Knowing how to begin your wellbeing journey can seem impossible with the pace of life today.

We are here to help guide, coach and teach you.

The Well And Healthy Co. was founded by Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, Caroline, created to provide the solutions to managing the daily woes of stress, anxiety and depression through yoga, coaching, mindfulness and meditation.

Offering yoga classes, meditation, mindfulness and coaching sessions, to businesses and private clients, Well And Healthy is for your home and for work and home life wellbeing.

Everyone deserves to feel good on the inside and out. Well And Healthy is dedicated to helping you discover how to invest in your wellbeing, so you can find balance in your life from nourishing yourself from the inside out.


Yoga is for everybody.

As a yoga teacher and life coach, Caroline shares her teachings of pressing pause to help you relax and recharge, bringing the mind to stillness, allowing you the space you deserve. Move your body through her creative sequencing, letting the body to seamlessly flow from pose to pose, using the breath as your guide. A focus on self-care and self-worth present the opportunity to practice mindfulness and kindness in your practice, whilst stretching and creating a lightness in the mind and body. Expect to feel lifted, relaxed, calm and balanced.

About Caroline

Believe it and you will receive it

A yoga teacher, life coach, meditation + mindfulness-based stress reduction enthusiast, recipe developer and an ambassador of self love and self belief.

Well And Healthy was formed from the practices of a younger Caroline, who created and discovered the ways to help her manage her heart condition and stress levels.

Nourishment, yoga, meditation and self-healing through kindness are the pillars of her own practices that she shares through her classes, posts and events.

She creates workshops and events for corporate and private clients and works with individuals on a 1-1 basis to help them manage their wellbeing holistically.

Her mission is to show the world that wellbeing has a place in every part of people's lives and that balance within oneself is achievable, manageable and wonderful!